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Monday 8th June



Today we're focusing on spelling.

Look at the PowerPoint below for an introduction to the spelling rule this week and your spelling words.


I'd like you to practise the words using one of the following techniques:

- rainbow writing (writing each syllable in a different colour or writing the word repeatedly in different colours)

- pyramids

- squiggle spellings

- silly sentences

- design a poster

- look, cover, write, check


I've also uploaded some spelling activities - a task, word search and handwriting sheet. You can do as many as you'd like to help you become confident at spelling the words and applying the rule.


LO: Can I use the suffix -en?



We're moving on from converting units of measure this week to looking at angles! This week will be focused on recapping and deepening your learning from Y4 about different types of angles and how we measure them and next week, we'll go on to look at calculating missing angles. 


Look at the PowerPoint below to refresh your memory about different types of angles and then have a go at the task below.


LO: Can I recognise and identify different types of angles?



Now that we've learnt about the different types of volcano and how they are formed, we're going to move on to looking at famous volcanoes around the world.


Look at the PowerPoint below and read through all of the information.


I'd like you to choose a minimum of 5 different volcanoes and create fact files or posters about them using the information given and your own research.


LO: As a geographer, can I identify and discuss famous volcanoes?