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Wednesday 22.04.20

Great maths work from Louie yesterday! What objects did you find on your 2D shape hunt?

Mathematics - 2D shape riddles

Lets warm up our skills from your learning this week. Follow the link below to play a hidden shape game. You need to move the torch spotlight around the page to explore the hidden shape. Remember a way to identify a shape is by looking at the properties, try to count how many vertices (corners) you can see and how many sides  Can you see if there any curved sides? This will help you to identify the shape.


When you think you have guessed the shape, click on the eye to reveal the shape!


Then when you have uncovered all the shapes complete these 2D shape riddles.

2D shape riddles task

English - GPS

Today we are going to recap our knowledge of using commas in a list to separate items and we are going to link it to our text this week of Little Red Riding Hood.


Do you remember what at comma looks like? Remember it sits on the line and looks like a full stop with a little tail. I always think they look like tadpoles!


                   , = comma


Little Red Riding Hood went shopping and bought a packet of biscuits, some apples, a box of teabags and some flour.


Remember that before the last item in your list you need to use the word and.


The villagers described the wolf as a sneaky, mean,  and untrustworthy animal.


Complete the two activities below to practise using commas in a list. You can write the sentences in your book. 


Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Topic/Theme - Music - Wellbeing Wednesday

Listen and sing along to this song called "This is me!"


If you would like to complete some activities after the song take a look at some of the suggestions and pick your favourite.


' This Is Me! ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Wellbeing Wednesday - ' This Is Me! '