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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

What's happening today?


  • Before our meeting enjoy your reading book.
  • 9.20 - 9.40 Meet me online at 9.20 to discuss Katie Morag's two Grannies!
  • English Activity, following on from our live session - see below
  • Brain Break - Time to wiggle, today it's Body Bop!
  • Maths -'Today it's 'Sticky Statistics' - See below
  • Mental Health Week - Wellbeing Wednesday
  • Theme - P.E - See Below
  • 2.00 - 2.15 Meet me online this afternoon to share your work. 

English - Katie Morag


Today, following our lesson this morning and the work you completed yesterday, we are going to show that Katie's Grandmothers do have some similarities and we are going to compare and contrast their two characters.




We are going to use a venn diagram to do this!  There are some ideas to sort as well but of course use your own ideas from yesterday too. You can print these resources if needed or use a dinner plate to draw around and make two large overlapping circles. You can then write or stick your ideas in.



Brain Break

Brain Breaks - Body Bop

Make sure you take time to stop, wiggle and get moving!



Flavour of buns


This block graph shows people's favourite sticky bun! After you thought about what your data showed yesterday, today you are going to sort some statements to decide if they are true or false looking at this block graph.



The statements are below and you can print them out to cut out and stick them in a table in your books. If you can not print, you could write them out in your own table in your book or number them and record 'T' for true and 'F' for false for each statement.


Mental Health Week

It's wellbeing Wednesday!  Getting thinking about all the good things in your life!


Theme - P.E

 Today take a look at the link to the daily P.E activities and choose some different activities. You can always look back at previous weeks and choose your favourites.


Don't forget to log any activity you do on any day including our P.E days. You can do this by following the 'Get set to travel to Tokyo' link on our class page. Last week we did well but if everybody logged their activity we could try and beat Class 5 and 6!  We can do it!