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Around the world in 80 animals project

Each week I will give you a new continent to research and find out about the animals that live there.


What is a continent?

A continent is a large solid area of land. Earth has seven continents. In order from largest to smallest, they are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Most of the continents are also divided into smaller areas of land called countries.



In this project each week I would like you to find out about a mammal, bird, fish, reptile and amphibian that comes from the week’s continent.

You could complete a fact file, draw pictures and label, write a poem or a story telling me about an adventure they go on.  Make sure to include information about what they eat (think about the Science we have done for home learning so far), where they live, how you know they are a mammal/reptile etc!  It would be lovely if you could create a piece of art work each week based on at least one of the animals.  (I will continue to add the art project started last week.)


Other ideas you could find out about, is how far away this animal is, how heavy it is, is it heavier than you?  How big is it’s feet/paws etc, are they bigger than your hands/feet?


I look forward to seeing the results!


This week's continent is one that you should be familiar with, it's cold, the South Pole is there, it's where Ernest Shackleton and his crew travelled to, have you guessed it yet?


That's right, it's Antarctica!  Get researching!