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Volume experimenting


Today, we looked at volume for the first time and experimented with cubes and calculations to learn how to calculate it.

Greek Printing!


Today, the children started to create their tapestry inspired by their Ancient Greek Myth using printing techniques. They used different colours and methods to create basic designs to print onto their fabric using rollers, printing tiles and embossing tools!

Negative Number Lines


Today, we started outright new learning on negative numbers. We looked at placing numbers on a number line, finding the difference and played the game 'tug harder' all to recap what we learnt last year in order to be ready for our Year 5 learning.

Decimal Dash


The children consolidated their learning on decimal addition and subtraction by playing our new decimal dash board game! They had to work their way around the board while working out addition and subtraction problems which their teammates then checked were correct on a calculator. It got very competitive! 

Bread testing 


For DT today, we taste tested lots of bread and discussed their taste, texture, appearance and gave it a rating out of five. This will help us decide what we want to see and taste in our own Greek pita creations!

Clay Creations


Our art lesson today consisted of creating the base design for out Greek pots and vases. We looked at the different clay techniques and then got to work on our creations. The children created added features and designs using the clay tools too. They look fab so far!

Materials Research


In Science today, we have been researching two famous inventors - Ruth Benerito and Spencer Silver. We looked at their early life, careers, inventions and later life to compile a group poster about the scientists. 

Fantastic Finale 


For our fantastic finale, we created mini volcanoes using an irreversible reaction between bicarbonate soda and vinegar. The children identified that the mixture had created a new material (gas) and it was therefore irreversible. This tied into the pressure when looking at volcanic eruptions.

Fire Safety


Year 5 have had a visit from the fire service today. We learnt all about hazards around the home, exit routes, smoke alarms, hoax calls and more! They had lots of interesting videos to watch and the fire fighters were available to answer all their questions too. The children said they feel like they know lots now to keep themselves super safe.

Dissolving experiment


In science, we investigated dissolving and the effect liquid can have on a solid. We started by looking at exactly what dissolving is and how a material doesn’t just 'disappear' but in fact forms a new solution. We then looked at the materials bread, rice, salt, sugar, coffee and gravy to figure out which materials were soluble and insoluble.