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English: Last week we started our unit on journalistic writing, we focused on some of the language features of a news report.  Today we will look at the structural features, this means how a news report looks! Watch the recorded video about the structural features of a newspaper report.  I would then like you to label the different features on the provided news report. For a challenge can you write a description of each feature.


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Maths: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson!  We will be looking at multiplying 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number without an exchange.  For a challenge you could try and work out the missing numbers in the given calculations.


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RE: Today we are going to be drawing on our knowledge of the Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes and compare them to how a Humanist behaves.  Humanists do not think that there is a God. In this case, they do not believe God
teaches anyone how to live. So, where do you think Humanists might look for guidance about how to live?


There are three things which are really important to remember about how Humanists decide what is right and wrong.
1 – The Golden Rule.
2 – Using reason. When making a decision about how to act, many Humanists will try to make good choices. They will try to think about whether their actions will cause harm or good to others, animals, the environment etc. Many Humanists will use this reasoned thinking to help them know which actions are right to carry out.
3 – Listening to their conscience.

Watch this video to help understand how they make choices between right and wrong:


Write what a humanist would say in the speech bubbles about each situation.