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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Mathematics - Measuring in centimetres (cm)

You might need to find a cm ruler to use at home this week.  If you don't have one you can print a paper one out below that is true to size to help you this week.


When using a ruler make sure you are measuring from 0 and not the end of the ruler!


Today we are going to measure some objects to the nearest cm.  I have made a list of objects for you to find and measure if you are at home or school. Remember to use the ruler carefully. Always measure from 0cm.  When you record your measurement remember to record the number and cm which stands for centimetre. You can make a list in your book or draw the object and label the measurement.


Brain Warm up!

Can you work out these sea themed riddles?

Today we are going to think about the order of the clues given in a riddle. If you put the easier ones first you give the riddle away too quickly. Normally the easier clues go towards the end so that the person can finally guess the answer and solve the riddle. 


You can see in the riddles above that the harder clues are given first. They are hard because there could be many different answers.


I am going to give you two sets of clues today to two different riddles that I would like you to arrange. 


  • The answer to the first riddle is.....A hamster! This will help you decide on an order to place the clues.


  • I'm not going to tell you the answer to the second but you will still need to arrange the clues into an order then see if you can find the answer.


Topic/Theme - Religious Education R.E

Today we are going to start to look at the religion of Sikhism.  Some people in India are Sikhs although it is not the main religion in India. 


Today we are going to think about special objects and symbols and find out about some objects that are very special to Sikhs.  Watch the two videos below to find out more about the 5K's which are 5 special objects very important to Sikhs.


What would be 5 objects that are special to you?  If you are a Christian you might choose the Bible or a cross as a special object to you. Many people would have special pictures like a family photography or objects that remind them of happy times or favourite holidays. Maybe you have a favourite teddy that you've had since being a baby.


Today I'd like you to tell me about 5 objects that are special to you or your family. 

Can you tell me why they are special? 


You can present your work in a brainstorm, list, paragraph, painting, drawing or however you choose.