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Wednesday 3/2

Wednesday 3rd February




1. Get ready for the day- 8.55-9.15- Check Teams for your work for today/ any finishing off/ AR quiz/ spelling activity? (Like Busy time).


2. English - LO: Can I create a story map?


***Accelerated reader quizzes can now be completed from home- find link on our class page.

**Spellings can now be found on our class page on the website and in the English files on Teams.


3. Break- 10.20


4. Teams call - Maths - 10.40am on Teams.


5. Independent Maths task -  LO: Can I find the nth term of a sequence? Remember not to complete this until after the live lesson. To be turned in by 2.30pm thank you.


6. Lunch - 12.15


7. PSHE - LO: Can I determine the learning steps I need to take to achieve my goals?


8. Afternoon Mental Health Activity (M.H.W)

**Independent Reading/ PE task/ spelling activity (see class page for links to AR and PE tasks)


9. Teams call - Feedback - 3.00pm


Happy hump day (at the top of the hill as we have reached the middle of the week). Remember to take brain breaks, read your book, stretch and snack but most importantly, whatever you do, have fun!


Have a great day enlightened