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Wednesday 17th June 2020


Can you remember what it is to estimate? We have estimated before in class and I always say that estimating is making a sensible guess. It is not just guessing because we use what we know or what we observe to make a sensible guess - an estimate. Watch the powerpoint below (make sure you run the slide show so you can see the animation) to estimate and measure.  Then there is an activity below. Remember your estimate doesn't have to be correct or match your actual measurement!


Can you estimate and measure the seahorses to the nearest cm?


Today you are going to have a go at writing some riddle clues for some animals. You will need to think about how you can make each riddle clue different. 

You might like to think about

  • where your animal lives
  • what they eat
  • what they look like
  • any amazing facts  

Remember don't make your first clue too easy!  There is a sheet to help you today with some words that you can use to create your own riddles.

Topic/Theme - Music

Today it's a chance to have a sing a long and think about how you can spread some happiness! Try out some of the activities below.




' Make A Difference ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' Make A Difference ' A show-stopping number that inspires us all to think about how we can make the world a better place.