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Summer Week 2: 27.04.20

Message from Mrs Hoskins

Still image for this video

There will be daily phonics sessions available for free on youtube starting today!  This is from a reputable source and is inline with the phonics that is taught at Tanworth-in-Arden.  The document above tells you what time each session goes live but the videos will be kept on the youtube channel to access at a later date/time.  Please don't worry if your child is still working on some sounds that are covered by the Reception videos, remember each child is different and unique, we all learn at our own rates and that is absolutely fine.  So, with that in mind, please choose the appropriate video for your child to watch and work through.  If possible, I would like the class to access these videos regularly and join in with the activities in the videos. smiley

Weekly RE Reflection task

Have you completed last week's RE task?  I'd love to see the artwork you created!  I'm sure Mr Fiddler (our RE coordinator) would too! Check out this week's RE task on the sub page below.



Oh no! My little boy, Rex, has gotten hold of my story map!

Now I can't remember our story!  Can you help me sequence the story by putting the pictures in the document below back into the correct order?


Maths: Today we're going to be thinking about counting in twos.  Now, you are already quite good at this, prove it now by counting up in twos. Can you make up a counting in twos dance to go with your counting?  If you can video it and send it in to me!



Watch the video below and then complete the activity.

1. Build the concept of units of 2 and count the number of groups of 2

Can you find things around the house that are in natural twos', for example, wheels on a bicycle, pairs of socks or shoes?  How many groups of two are there?  And how many socks/shoes/wheels do you have altogether?


When you've done that choose a challenge below. 


Try to use the maths vocabulary 'groups of' when you are making your groups.

History: Now last Friday I asked you to become 'History detectives!' and have a think about who this lady might be!

I received an email from Amelia J telling me:

"Hello Mrs Hoskins,

I have had a look at my 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' book which I enjoy looking at.  I found a picture of a lady holding a hammer, her name was Mary Anning.  I think it may be her!

Amelia J"

Amelia was absolutely right!  This is a portrait of a lady called Mary Anning.  Watch the video below to find out more about her.


Below I have attached life event cards for Mary Anning, can you put them in the correct order?

If you want to can you match them to the pictures in the powerpoint uploaded below.

Finally, can you make a human lifeline graph that shows the ups and downs of her life, I'd like to know which are the happy events and which are the sad events.  You can show this by drawing sad or happy faces on post it notes.