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How to use the blog

How to use the Year 4 Blog.


We are all new to the blogging system, so it will take time to get used to and familiar with, but hopefully the little guide below will help!


Logging in/ username and password

To login, please use your username that you were given in school. Then use the password we all had. If you have forgotten either of these, then please 'create a post' (see below) which I will then be able to reply to, without other people seeing the response.


When you are logged in, don't forget to change your password to your own password that you have chosen. Make it memorable, but not easy to guess!


Avatars/ Profiles

These can be changed by clicking on 'edit profile'. These have been checked and can all be changed. If yours is not working, it is likely to be an issue with your computer or internet settings. They are not essential as you can still post and use all of the functions of the site.


Responding to a blog

Mr Dourass will put on blogs that you can respond to. If you want to respond to a blog post, you need to click on the blog title, then you can add a comment. Remember to check what you have written and remember that if it is not appropriate, it will not be published.


Getting a response

If you post a comment onto a blog, your classmates may respond in a new comment, mentioning your work or ideas. Mr Dourass may respond in another comment later mentioning more than one person or he might add words to your comment- so look carefully!


Contacting Mr Dourass on the Blog

If it is a general question or query that you are happy for everyone to see, then just add a comment to one of the blog posts. However, if you want to ask a question that you don't want the rest of the class to see then use 'Create Post'. Mr Dourass will not publish this for others to see, but can add a comment that you can pick up without other people seeing. If parents need to contact, then they can either use the 'Create Post' or use the school email address and the message will be passed on.