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Weds 22nd


It is time to reveal what our new topic is today and for our 'Sparkly Start'. I'm sure you are going to enjoy it!

Year 3 Topic Reveal.mp4

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Now you know what our new topic is! You will find that many of our lessons will help us explore the theme further. First of all there is a special message for you all...

Intro 2.mp4

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So here are the messages that you've been sent. See if you can decode them using the hieroglyphics key. Some letters are the same, so you will need to work out which work!
Now use the hieroglyphs to write your own name and  a message to other classmates on the blog!



This is the Rosetta Stone. It is a famous piece of history I went to see with my family last year.



Your task today is read about the Rosetta Stone and make notes about:

- How it was discovered

- Why it is important 

- Who helped to understand it

- Where it is kept


You can use the links below and write your notes in bullet points.




Today you will need your grammar homework book.


If you have the red book, then you will need to complete page 38 , which is carrying on with our work on word classes we started yesterday.


If you have the green book, then you will need to complete page 34, which is about words with are shortened and have apostrophes.





First of all, have a look at the answers from yesterday and see how you did.


We are moving on a bit with our fractions today and we are looking at comparing them. A fraction could be greater (larger) than another >, or less than (smaller) than another < or equal (the same) = .


Watch the video for lesson 3 and then have a go at the questions.