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Optional tasks

Maths: You will need your Maths homework book, turn to page 15.  This is a recap of your learning on Roman numerals, now we didn't spend that long on it in class because you really understood it, so hopefully this won't be too tricky for you.  Before you complete the page listen to the song below and remind yourselves about Roman numerals by looking at the picture below!

Roman Numerals

English Grammar: One thing I have noticed in your writing as a class, is that we're not quite using apostrophes correctly!  We will be working on this when we're back in school but it would be helpful if we had a recap of it now.  This week I'd like you to complete the BBC Bitesize lesson linked below, watch the video and complete the activities on the page, then turn to page 23 of your Grammar homework books and complete the page.

Times tables:  We've been doing lots of multiplication work recently where you have been using your times table facts, so you should be getting pretty good! First, I'd like you to complete a times table check (linked below) like you do in school and let me know your score!  Then can you turn to the next times table workout in your book and complete it.