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Friday 10th July

Today's Task

This is our final bit of PSHE and transition work and it's all about representing you, your personality and your life through objects that act as clues. For more information, check out the task below!

Just For Fun!

Today I have some good old-fashioned mindfulness colouring for you to do! You know that I always recommend putting some feel good music on when you colour to truly help you relax!

I've got some Summer-themed colouring for you but also some positive words of encouragement and gratitude that you might like to colour and give to someone at home to say thank you for all of their help and support with your home learning. I know that you've been working hard but your adults have too!

Guided Reading

Now that we've finished King of the Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo, I thought that some of you may like to complete a book review. It is completely optional and your choice but if you'd like to, there are templates below that you can choose from!