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Wonderful Work!

Rainforest Gallery

Having explored a 360 degree interactive video about the rainforest and looked at the paintings of Henri Rousseau, the children created their own pictures of the rainforest to think about what the setting would be like and inspire their descriptions for later in the week.  Here are some from Oliver, Isaac, Leanna and Albert.  There are more examples on the Year 4 blog.  This creative activity was a great link to our Mental Health Week focus as many people find being creative very helpful for their mental health.


Here are Albert and Cassie's examples of the senses and the different grammar features in the rainforest setting description.  NB:  There were some other possibilities in there too but if there was anything you weren't sure about, this gives you some examples!

Descriptive Ideas

The children gathered rainforest setting description ideas from a range of texts and then organised them into an acrostic poem.  Here are Roisin, Leanna, Bella and Cassie's ideas:

Super Setting Descriptions

We then took all of our descriptive ideas and used them to help us writing setting descriptions of the rainforest, trying to make sure that we were using the different senses, powerful and interesting vocabulary, and techniques like alliteration and similes.  Here are some lovely examples from Oscar, Ethan, Finlay D and Oliver:

Magical Maths!

This week's work was learning about time.  The children completed some challenges around understanding the relative lengths of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years and explored analogue and digital clocks (12 and 24-hour).  Here is some of Isaac and Ethan's work: