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"Every child is an artist." - Pablo Picasso

At Tanworth-in-Arden Primary School and Nursery, we believe our pupils are entitled to access a progressive art, craft and design curriculum that fosters their creativity and originality. We intend to give our pupils the opportunities to explore and the skills to experiment with a range of materials, techniques and processes, alongside gaining the knowledge and appreciation of a diverse range of artists, craftspeople and designers, including those with a local connection. We aim to inspire them to think critically and imaginatively, and to use what they develop to enhance learning across the wider curriculum. Most importantly though, we hope to build our pupil’s self-esteem so that they can confidently express themselves, nurture their own well-being and begin to discover their own unique identity.

Art, Craft and Design - National Curriculum Programmes of Study KS1 & 2 - Statutory