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Remember to check out the daily Phonics lesson on youtube!


English: Complete the story!

The last part of the story map is below to help you.

Remember, check through your writing when finished.  Have you included all your capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and words with the prefix 'un' and suffixes 'est and 'er'?


5. Build the concept of units of 5, count in fives and count on from a multiple of 5

Watch the video, join in with the activities and then if you want to choose a further counting in fives challenge!

Art: We are starting our new art unit of weaving! 


Out key art work for the half term is African Kente cloth, here are some examples for you to see:

We are starting with simple paper weaving today, where we are going to learn the mechanics of weaving.  The technique/pattern you need to remember is over, under, over, under, over under until you reach the end of the warp.  Then when you start to weave a new piece of paper you need to do the opposite, under, over, under, over, under, over.

If you do not have different coloured paper, can you paint some paper and leave it to dry.

Do you think you can make a woven rainbow cloud?

Here’s how to make a paper loom, make sure you cut it into the shape of a cloud.


First Grade Art-Paper Loom- Weaving

First grade art-Paper Weaving project demo. Vocabulary: Loom, Warp Weft.