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Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning!

This is just a little reminder that our Teams call is tomorrow at 10.45am. 

Bring a pen and some paper ready to play some games!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all! smiley

Sports Week

Yesterday, we thought about the rules of rugby. Today, we're going to think about the history of rugby and how it became the game that we know today! 


Have a look at the video below:


An Animated History of Rugby Union

Now have a read though the document below all about the history of rugby:

Now you have a better idea about how rugby came to be, I'd like you to present your learning.


You might choose to do a timeline with the key events, an illustration with a short paragraph to explain, a comic strip telling the story or a short passage of writing. I don't mind how you present your learning so be creative!



For your rugby themed maths task today, you have some information about rugby stadiums and their capacity (the amount of people that each stadium can hold)

You'll need to use your learning on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve the problems. Remember to use a written method that you know to support you with this!

Just For Fun!

Your fun task today is a couple of rugby themed word searches! If you don't have a printer, perhaps you could make your own word search by drawing a grid into your book and filling it with rugby vocabulary!

Daily PE Task

Don't forget to complete your daily PE tasks to represent your house and help them to win the house cup!

You can find the tasks at:


and you can input your scores using the link below: