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Tuesday 2nd June 2020


LO: Can I use a dictionary?

Today, I’d like you to use a dictionary to find the meaning of your spelling words.

SNIP group, your words are based on the roots “press” and “vent”.  Children doing the other spellings, yours all end in –ar or –er.

SNIP group - on the sheet, you will see I have written the words and the meanings but they need matching up.  You might want to use a dictionary to help you find the meanings to match them up correctly.

Children doing the –ar and –er spellings, you can either write each word with its dictionary definition or put your words in sentences which help to show their meaning.


LO: Can I show the rainforest climate in a graph?


Today, we are going to apply our Maths knowledge from the week before half term to help us understand the rainforest climate more.


Use the following website to watch videos and read about what the rainforest climate is like.


It may ask you for a login to access this, the username is homeschool, the password is oddizzi.  The rainforest climate page is found by clicking physical features – biomes – rainforest – rainforest climate. 


(There is a huge amount about the rainforest on this oddizzi website and we will be using it for more of our learning this half term so feel free to explore more but you will find I will refer you to various pages on the website for different lessons.)


Now use the PPT to learn about how we can present this data to show what the climate is like.  When the PPT opens you will need to allow embedded content and it can take a little while for the interactive features to open up.


Using the interactive version (you could then screenshot this if you want to send or print it) or on the paper provided, use the data from the other PPT to plot the rainfall and temperature results for the rainforest.  It will be a bar graph for the rainfall and a line graph for the temperature.  If you prefer to do two separate graphs, that is fine.


Extension:  Have a look at the UK climate graph below and compare it with the graph for the rainforest.  What similarities and differences can you spot?

UK Climate Graph