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Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours


Tanworth-in-Arden School is part of a county wide initiative to keep children safe. Protective Behaviours is a practical approach to personal safety. It is a program that encourages self-empowerment and brings with it the skills to raise self-esteem and to help avoid being victimised. This is achieved by teaching children to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (Early Warning Signs) and to develop strategies for self-protection.

The Protective Behaviours process encourages an adventurous approach to life that satisfies the need for fun and excitement without violence and fear. Every Autumn each child in our school is given four lessons following the 'Taking Care' model. The sessions are around these two key messages: ‘We all have the right to feel safe all the time' and 'There is nothing too awful (or too little) we can't talk about it with someone'. 

We also revisit the messages throughout the year and each half term before the holidays the children identify the 5 people on their hand of trust that they can talk to.


Below you will find some direct links to the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership Publications.