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Tuesday 9th June



Reread the story of “Escape from Pompeii”

I would like you to think really carefully about what you learn about the main characters - Tranio and Livia.

You need to choose one of the characters and using the text, you're going to work out what the author tells us about that character and what you can infer (work out) about that character.


Look at the task below to see how I would like you to set your work out.


LO: Can I retrieve information and make inferences about a character?




We're continuing to think about different types of angles today.



Acute angles are less that 90 degrees

Right angles are 90 degrees

Obtuse angles are more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees

A straight line is 180 degrees

Reflex angles are more than 180 degrees but less that 360 degrees


Today, we're going to take this information and combine it with our learning on compass points and turns. 


LO: Can I recognise and identify different types of angles?



Last week, you learnt lots of new vocabulary for places around town.

You'll need this vocabulary today as your task is to design a map that features these places!

See the PowerPoint below for more information about your task and how I'd like it set out...


LO: As a linguist, can I name places around town?