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Summer 2 Week 6: 2.06.20

Hi Class 1!  I hope you're all ok, had a nice time in the sunshine and enjoyed a break from the home learning over the May half term break!  I will hopefully be organising some Teams meetings with you this week, watch this space!  I think we could all do with a laugh and need something to make us smile, so start thinking of your best joke!


English:  We're going to have a phonics focus today!  We'll be revising our knowledge of the alternate Phase 5 sounds.  There are many digraphs that make the same sound,these are known as sound families!  Look at the document below to help.  Choose a sound family to practice with.  


Say the sound you want your child to practice (show them first!), can they write down all the different spellings for that sound!  You can make this as fun as you want, chalk it outside, paint it, paint it with water on the ground.  Or you could chalk write a number of different sound families and your child can paint over them (helps with letter formation!) to find all the correct spellings for that sound!

Maths: We're going to do a quick recap of our number bonds first today!  It's always good to revisit these and keep them ticking over!  We play this game in class, it's called Bunny Ears.  Your parent/sibling needs to call out a number 0-10, you need to show how many more fingers you will need to equal 10 by making your bunny ears (holding hands up either side of your head!).  Try and see how quickly you can do it!


Now you've done that we're going to think about our new Maths topic, my favourite one! FRACTIONS!  Fractions are so fun to teach and learn about because it's so practical.  Today you will need 4 different pieces of paper, you need to draw a large square on one, a large triangle on another, a large circle on another and just keep one as you've found it a large rectangle.  Cut those shapes out!


So we are going to find a half today.  If you have split something into halves, that means you have got two equal pieces, two pieces that are exactly the same shape and size.  You can't have a half that is bigger than the other, if you have a cake lying around parents this is a good way of getting the children to understand the concept of a half as they will know it's not fair if you try and take the 'bigger' half!


With your nicely cut out shapes, fold each one in half, colour one half in.  Stick them in your book.


Challenge: Are there different ways of finding a half on the different shapes?  How many ways can you find for the rectangle, square, triangle and circle?


Science: Can you sort the omnivores, herbivores and carnivores?

Look at the powerpoint below to help you remember what each eats.  This doesn't need to be printed off you could sort any play animals you might have!