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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Well done to Thomas and Paige who were chosen for last week's celebration assembly.



How did you get on with the sport maths yesterday?  Today I have some missing number calculations for you to solve. It is a bit of a challenge today, you will need to use your mathematical thinking brain and think carefully about what you know, what you have worked out and your inverse operations! 

Remember the opposite of addition is subtraction and the opposite of multiplication is division.

There are two versions today so pick the one you feel confident enough to tackle.

Look at this calculation, how would you work out the value of the tennis ball?


First think carefully what the calculation is saying.   33 add something is 57. So if you take away the 33 from 57 you will find what is left. 

It can be shown on a bar model too.

Or you might use a number line to subtract or count up to find the difference (we have looked at both of these subtraction methods recently).




Today we are going to find out about a great British tennis tradition - WIMBLEDON!


A great quick write from yesterday and I have zoomed in on a part I particularly liked, the title. I thought 'The first shot' was a great title for the picture! 

Below is a powerpoint which will give you more information about Wimbledon. There is then a tennis glossary for you to match up a tennis word with the correct definition.



Mr Nichols Sport Week Challenge Day 2.


Follow the link below to go to the daily P.E. page and click on day 2.  It would be great to see some photographs of you getting sporty!**


** Be careful it is going to be very hot over the next few days so it might be best to do your sport challenges first thing in the morning or later in the evening. It is hottest around midday so rest and drink lots!