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Tuesday 2nd June


We're going to be looking at a new class text in English this half term!

It's called Escape from Pompeii and it's by  Christina Balit. 

Have a look at the front cover below:

Your task today is to analyse the front cover and answer the following questions:

- What do you notice?

- What can you infer?

- What do you wonder?

- What do you predict?


For more information, check out the task below:


LO: Can I ask questions and make inferences and predictions about a text?



Before half term, you did lots of conversions between measurements - measurements of length (mm, cm, m, km), weight (g, kg) and capacity (ml, cl, l)

We're doing one more week of converting measurements this week and we're thinking about time!


You need to know:

1 minute = 60 seconds

60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

7 days = 1 week

52 weeks = 1 year

and you need to be able to convert between these.


There will be two tasks every day based around this - an easier and trickier task. It's up to you which you have a go at so check them out and see what you think!


LO: Can I convert between units of time?


We're moving on from food this half term and we're going to start by thinking about places around town...

Below you'll find your task - enjoy!


LO: As a linguist, can I name places around town?