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Weds 1st

English/ Theme
I hope you enjoyed finding out about mummification yesterday. We are going to go into the process a bit more today to help you understand the order that mummification happened in.  Please read through these slides first. 
Can you remember the order of what happens in the process? I'd like you to draw what happens at each stage of mummification. You only need to write 1 or 2 words next to the picture. Don't write too much as you'll be writing instructions for someone else over the next couple of days!  If you need more help, I've also included a template you could use or look at to support you.

A 3D Shape has 3 dimensions and is not flat like a 2D shape.



We use some different vocabulary to describe 3D shapes too. 


When we see a flat 2D shape , we can that a FACE.

The places where two faces meet are called EDGES.

Where 3 faces meet to make a point, these are called VERTICES.


Now remind yourself of the key 3D shapes that you will have learnt in infants and have a look at some of their properties.
Today I would like you to complete the table with the properties of each 3D shape. If you are able to find items of these shapes at home, they might help you when trying to work out how many faces, vertices and edges. If not, look at the pictures and you can always look back at the information to help you.
We continue our look at the Buddhist faith as we explore Buddhist temples and what they contain and why Buddhists go there. Please read through the slides and then follow the link to have a look around a Buddhist temple.

Now draw a picture of the inside of a Buddhist temple and label some of the things you expect to see or see happening inside. 


Below is an example of a Buddhist Centre, which is more simple and contains separate rooms, but contains many of the same items and activities. If you would prefer and are able to, you could print this out and label some of the items or activities and why they are there.