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Wednesday 1st April

Wellbeing Wednesday!


Let's focus today on our Mental Health and well-being. I know that some of you are really missing school and the familiarity of the routine and your friends, so with that in mind I decided to upload a video of me reading a story.  I hope you enjoy it!


Mrs Hoskins reads 'A Child of Books'.mp4

Still image for this video
The next story is about how we can stay positive whilst everything else is changing around us. We read the story in the powerpoint below in class because so many things have changed recently, but ultimately everything will return to normal eventually.  We do however, need to stay positive and be resilient! 

Small Paul

PSHE: After reading the story above, go to


Can you design your own superhero mask and strike your best 'Stay at home Superhero' pose?  Send the pictures in for the class page if you would like!


You could also listen to this song whilst you design your mask.


'I'm OK!' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Wellbeing Wednesday - ' I'm OK! ' Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of personal value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for bei...

English: Continue your writing from yesterday.  Make sure it contains capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Does your writing make sense and have your included any adjectives?


If you really want something else to do log on to phonics bug and read a book, remember a book can take you on an adventure when you have to stay at home. You could also go on to Phonics play and play some phonics games.  Select Phase 5 and then look for Acorn Adventures or Cheeky Chimps (this one will make you laugh, I promise!), these are similar to the games we've been playing in class and will help you work on recognising all the alternate sounds.


Normally you would have to pay to use this website (there is a tablet friendly version too) but they have made the site free to use during school closures, the log in is below:

If you would like to try and read some different books you could create an account with Oxford Owl (it's free).

Maths: Log in to My Maths and complete the 2D shape work (again this should be a quick recap).


Go to White Rose Maths - Home learning:

Click on Week 1 and Lesson 4 and watch the video. (Please don't look at lesson 5, we're looking at that tomorrow!)

If you fancy a challenge, have a go at this:

Test out the blue challenge and record by taking photos.  Is he right?