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Friday 19th June

Guided Reading

Listen to the next chapter of "King of the Cloud Forests" below:

GR - Chapter 7.mp3

In this chapter, you learn a lot about the yetis.

I'd like you to use this information to create one of the following:

- a mind map about yetis

- a guide to living with yetis

- an explanation text about yetis

- a leaflet about yetis


You might want to think about:

- how yetis communicate

- what yetis look like

- what yetis like to eat and how they gather food

- what yetis do for fun


LO: Can I recall and extract information from a text?


I've decided to shake things up a little bit and do Flashback Friday in a different way.

I'm going to put some questions up for you to do every week that cover the main things we've done in Year 5. There will be no new learning and it will just be revision ready for you to go into Year 6 feeling confident! 


Today, we're going to think about place value - reading and writing numbers, partitioning, rounding, comparing and Roman numerals.


You can answer the questions on the sheet if you wish but it might be easier to do them straight into your book as you'll have more room!

If you get stick on anything, remember that you can message me on the blog.


LO: Can I understand place value of numbers?


Now that you've learnt about what Humanists are (look at your poster/the PowerPoint from last Friday to refresh your memory), we're going to think about what they value and compare this to our own personal values as well as Christian values.


The task below gives you more information about what I'd like you to do. There isn't one right answer to this just so you know. As long as you can explain your ideas and justify them, then you can't go too wrong!


LO: As a theologist, can I understand that different religions have different values?