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Friday 22nd May 2020

If you have time, please pop on to the blog to comment on my post, letting me know which sort of teams meeting you preferred - this week's with a game format or last week's where each child had the chance to speak.


LO: Can I solve problems about line graphs?


Please work through the PPT examples which look at some different line graphs, particularly to do with time.  Then have a go at answering the questions on this website.


If you can’t access the website or have more time, I have provided more problem solving questions on the Word document.


If you would like to have a go at producing your own line graph, remember you need to collect data which is continuous (something which changes over time).  For example, how tall a sunflower or vegetable is over time, what the temperature is at different times in the day….  I have provided some graph paper if you want to try doing this.


LO: Can I explore my spelling pattern?


SNIP spellers, have a go at the tiles and word search activities to practise your spelling words.


Children doing the non- words this week, can you find three more non- words that are not on your spelling list and draw pictures to show their meanings?  There is then a wordsearch for you to complete.


Did you notice when you shared your books and magazines in our Teams meeting that they all had bright, colourful and interesting covers?  Can you design a book cover for your rainforest story?  Maybe you will include pictures of the setting, or the characters, or both?  Think of a title for your story and include that too.  Again, I’d love to see your ideas!



I’d like you to explore food chains using the interactive activities on the website. 

Please use the one called Food Chains first.  This helps us to learn about the scientific vocabulary of food chains and understand how they are constructed (which animals rely on which others for food). 

Then please look at An Introduction to Food Webs which shows how several food chains exist together in one ecosystem.