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Take a look at this singing project, if you would like to take part send your videos to the school office so they can be forwarded on to Mr Fiddler. smiley

Hi from Mrs Hoskins

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English: Continue creating your hand washing poster!  I can't wait to see your creations.  Take a look on the Amazing Work gallery for the video of Toby DC telling me how to wash my hands!


Maths: To day we are starting our new Maths topic of division.  First I would like your adult to write the division symbol.

Discuss all of the language that is associated with division: divide, share, group etc.


How we introduce division in Year 1 is by sharing, this is a concept that children are familiar with due to having to share toys etc.


You start by counting the total number of objects you have and then sharing into equal groups. Watch the video below to see.

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I'd like you to have a go at dividing by sharing into equal groups (parents take care that your child is doing this slowly and one counter at a time as this is the most common cause for mistakes with this method!).  The following documents are play dough mats, you can print them out or draw your own monsters.  If you draw your own monsters, one monster needs two antennae, your second monster needs five antennae and your third monster needs ten antennae.  You can use play dough if you want, but you could also use buttons, counters anything that can be used as counters. 

How many different ways can you share between equal groups?  Take a picture and send them to me!

' Count Your Blessings ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Wellbeing Wednesday - ' Count Your Blessings ' A fun song with a positive reminder to be grateful for what we have.

Have a look at The Beatitudes in the document below.  Can you think of your blessings?  What are you greatful for?