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Please put any work you do in your purple exercise book or take pictures and put them on Tapestry. I can't wait to see what you get up to!



Sound relay race: write down sounds your children needs to practice on separate pieces of paper. Place sounds somewhere you are going to run to. Take it in turns to run to the sounds, collect one, run back and tell your partner what it is. Make a pile each of your sounds. When all sounds are collected, swap your piles of sounds and take it in turns to say a sound and run and put in back in the starting place.

Today's sound is 'ng'.

The lesson is on the Bug Club for you to complete as an optional activity.

I have added some games for you to play on Bug Club covering sounds sh, ch, th and ng.


Recap Little Red Riding Hood.

On your Five Finger Retell I would like you to complete the 'Middle' section.

Talk to your child about what they consider to be the middle of the story.

Discuss the wolf pretending to be grandma and the vocabulary that was used between Red Riding Hood and the wolf.



Recap what halving means.

Listen to the following story about halving.

Below you can find a pirate treasure halving game.

You can draw some treasure boxes and use real coins if you don't have a printer.

You can also find a document with halving problems on.

Complete as many as you'd like.


Don't forget Mr Nicholls sets activities under the P.E. section on the Class Pages overview.