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Place sounds and tricky words on the floor and play musical statues. Say the sound or tricky word you land on when the music stops.

Today's blend is 'sk'.

Write down these words for your child to practise reading sk:






Ask your child to choose one word and write a sentence using that word and a tricky word.

Make sure you have your Phase 2 and 3 sound mat in front of you to help you write your sentence(s).


We will be writing sk words on the ground using chalk today if you want to do the same, or write them on notes and put them round your home.


Watch the following story about The Colour Monster.

The Colour Monster

Use the following sheet (or draw your own) to fill in a jar of your choice.

Are you going to do a yellow happiness jar?

Or maybe a green calm jar?

Draw the things that go inside your jar.

For example in my yellow happiness jar I would have my family, chocolate, Poppy the rabbit and my Jamie Oliver cookbook.


Today we're going to be doing bubble art!

Watch the following video for a demonstration.

Paint with Bubbles

Have a go and show me your creations on Tapestry!