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If you have created your commemorative teacup design for VE Day, please could you email me the design by the end of the day.

English: Another comprehension based activity today.  Again, use your favourite book, I'd like to know where the story is set.  Can you draw a map of the setting?


Maths: More marvellous arrays to look at today!  Take a look at the powerpoint and then have a go at completing the worksheet.

Music: It is VE Day tomorrow, so to get you in the celebratory mood and to help you understand what VE day is and why we remember it have a listen to this song.  Choose one of the related activities and have a sing song!

' Keep Calm And Carry On ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

VE Day - ' Keep Calm And Carry On ' Taken from our World War II musical 'Treachery At Traitors' Quay', this song commemorates the 75th anniversary of VE Day ...