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Day 2

English:  Load Oxford Owl again and select Kipper and the Trolls, go to page 14.


Recap what has happened in the story so far.  Can your child do this accurately?  Do they need the support of the book to help remind them?  Or can they remember without book or adult prompts?


Ask your child to read pages 14 and 15 - before they turn the page do they believe that the trolls are not nasty?


Read pages 16 and 17 to your child and discuss the adjectives 'long' and 'dirty'.  Can they think of other adjectives to describe the trolls?


Ask your child to read to page 22.  Would they try a mud mint or a slug bun?  How does that food make them feel?


Read pages 23 and 24.


Complete the two activities for the book on the screen to consolidate your comprehension.

Maths: Today we're going to be focusing on describing position!  You will need to use words such as left, right, up, down, under, behind and on top!  Look at your hands, put your fingers together and stick your thumb out.  Which hand makes an L shape?  That hand is your left hand, it's a quick way of reminding yourself of your left and right!


Now open the powerpoint and work through some of the ideas.  You will be making different routes using directional language.

Can you draw out a grid on some paper or chalk it on the ground, make a start and end position.  How many different ways of getting from one to the other are there?

History:  Remind yourselves about Mary Anning.  Who was she and what was she famous for?

Watch the video below and read the fact sheet.


Mary Anning fact sheet

Mary Anning was not allowed to join the Geological Society because she was a woman - a fact which might seem strange to today's children.  Choose your task:


1. List 5 reasons why she should be able to join the Geological Society.

2. Write a letter to the society explaining why she should be able to join.