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Good morning everyone!


I'm hoping your new timings for Microsoft Teams meetings are okay.

I've had to switch children between groups and change timings so I apologise if they are different to what I originally said. If there are any issues please let me know.

Please log in to check your time. Your morning session will be 9:20 or 9:35 and your afternoon session will be 1:45 or 2:00.

We are treating Microsoft teams meetings as our registers, so I will be downloading a record of the attendees every time we meet and all children need to try and attend both meetings everyday if possible. If you are not attending meetings or completing work because you are unwell or for any other reason, please email the school to let us know.

Please join the meeting directly from the children's email link. If you are forwarding the email to a personal email address and joining the meeting, you appear to me as a Guest, which from now on will not be allowed to join meetings for safeguarding reasons.

In the morning sessions, I will be teaching phonics. Please check the 'Phonics' section on this page for equipment you will need for the lesson. The lesson will consist of a few activities together and then I'll be asking you to do an activity on your own after. When you have finished your activity please upload it to Tapestry by 1:15pm. I will review the work and give feedback in our afternoon meeting. We may also have story time or play games in our afternoon session. 



9:20 / 9:35 - Morning Live Lesson

1:45 / 2:00 - Afternoon Feedback Meeting


In today's lesson you will need a piece of paper/notebook and a pencil.

Activity 1: Bingo

Activity 2: Reading 'ee' alternatives words

Activity 3: Choose three words from the PowerPoint we looked at during the live lesson (see below) and write a sentence for each one.


Today we are continuing with our story of the Rainbow Bear.

If you can't remember what happens, watch the video below.

I would like you to do some drama today. Please imagine you are Rainbow Bear (you could even put on some rainbow coloured clothes) and act out three parts of the story of your choice. For example, it could be when Rainbow Bear is making a wish at the end of the rainbow or when he's miserable in the cage. Think about what the bear was thinking at the time or what he would say. Don't forget about your face, would you use a smiling face when Rainbow Bear was hungry and couldn't get any food? 

The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo


See the image below.

The 3D shape is hidden.

What shapes could it be?

Explain how you know.


What makes you special and unique to anyone else in the class?

Draw a label like the one below (not too small) and write or draw inside what makes you special and unique.

It might be a special trick you can do or an award you've got.

These labels will be stuck on your Jigsaw Gingerbread Person so leave the paper loose to be cut out when you return to school.