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Tuesday 9th June 2020


LO: Can I understand properties of quadrilaterals?


How many wheels does a quadbike have?  That’s right, it has 4.  Any shape with 4 straight sides is called a quadrilateral.  You will have come across some quadrilaterals already (square, rectangle….) but there are others too. 


Have a look at the mymaths lines and quadrilaterals lesson then please complete the homework set.



For this week’s English and theme activities, you will need the following page of the oddizzi website.  The username is homeschool, the password is oddizzi.


For our English and theme, we are going to learn about the different layers of the rainforest.  Some of you have already come across some of this vocabulary (eg. canopy) but we are going to learn about it in more detail.  On the website, there are four pages – one for each layer of the rainforest (emergent, canopy, understory, forest floor).  You will be using these in this week's activities to see pictures, watch videos and find out more information about each layer.


LO: Can I make notes?


Watch the video to see examples of how to take clear notes from a text when you are finding out information.


Look at the example on the Word document then have a go at completing notes for the other paragraphs yourself.


This skill will then be useful for going on to the theme activity using the oddizzi website.

Making notes

Still image for this video


LO: Can I describe the layers of the rainforest?


Use the oddizzi website pages about the layers of the rainforest.  Watch the videos, look at the pictures and read the information.  Add to your notes from the English activity (you can use a separate sheet). 

Try to find out:

  • Any important numbers (eg. height, % of animals)
  • What that layer is like (hot, dark, damp etc.)
  • What sort of animals live there (just a few examples, no need to list them all)
  • What sort of plants grow there (do they need light or can they survive in the dark?)
  • What are the trees like (anything important about their size/shape which is useful for the layer they are in)

I have attached a PPT with information if the website information is too wordy.  It would still be useful to watch the videos and look at the pictures on the website though!