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Good morning everyone!


I hope you are enjoying your weather recording and I think it will be interesting to see that although we all go to the same school, at home we might have different weather to other people in the class. Keep up the hard work!



9:20 / 9:35 Morning Live Lesson

1:45/ 2:00 Afternoon Feedback Session



You will need a piece of paper/notebook/whiteboard and something to write with.

Phase 5 Revision - Recapping the 'oo' (long) sound spelling alternatives (ew, ue, u_e)

Activity 1: Flashcard Speed Trial

Activity 2: Dragons Den

Activity 3: Go on a sound hunt for items with the 'oo' (ew, ue, u_e) sounds and write them down.



Finish finding out facts about polar bears for your fact file next week.

Can you find out what is special about a polar bear that makes them perfect for living in such a cold place. Also try and find out some fun facts.

This English project is for you to complete as much or as little as you like. You can find out one or two facts for each or five. It totally depends on the amount of time you have.


Please go on a 2D shape hunt around your home and name them.

Remember 2D shapes are flat and can't be picked up or held.

Takes pictures of them for Tapestry.



Please make a success treasure chest!

You can make it out of whatever you like but the idea is that every time you are successful at something, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your success treasure chest. Whenever you get upset, have a look at all the wonderful things you have accomplished.

I hope this helps you remember that you are all brilliant and great achievers!