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Thursday 21st

Class Meeting

Don't forget our class meeting at 2pm today and remember to bring a pencil and piece of paper with you.

Because we have our class meeting today, we will have slightly less work today so you have enough time to complete your work and join the meeting.




If you are in Group 1 for Grammar, we are continuing with our work on comparative and superlative adjectives this week. 

You will need your Grammar Homework Book page number 10.


If you are in Group 2 for Grammar, you will be completing page 37 about proper nouns. 

Theme/ English

I hope you enjoyed your work yesterday creating your top trump cards. I heard that a few of you had a good time making them and just as much fun beating your parents at them!


Today, we are exploring some poetry which is entitled 'Egyptian Gods'. First of all, please read the poem below.

What did you notice about the poem?


Think about what we have previously learned about poems, how they are structured, how many stanzas (verses) they have, the number of lines and patterns of rhyme (where the rhymes are). Write down what you found out.



Reciting a Poem

I don't expect you to learn the whole poem, but perhaps you could learn a few stanzas to perform. There maybe someone at home who wants to hear you, perhaps a pet or even record yourself.


Think back to when we performed poetry earlier in the year. Remember to think about the following things in your performance:

- Expression

- Clear voice

- Rhythm

- Facing your audience


Some of the tasks today are the same as ones you had yesterday to give you a chance to revise and repeat your work on telling the time to the nearest minute, Roman Numeral clocks and digital clocks. I have also included a few more challenges in case anyone managed to get through all of them yesterday!

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