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Weds 25th


LO - Can I write an adventure story?


I hope all of your plans are looking good from yesterday. Today, we will start to write our story into full sentences and paragraphs. When we are in class we would normally take two days to write a story. I don’t mind how you would like to use your time but this would be my suggestion...Try to write the opening and build up today and then tomorrow you can write the dilemma, events following and ending. Normally the ending paragraph is quite short.


If we were in school, I’d be reminding you to be use different types of sentences including fronted adverbials. At some stage, it would be good if you could use some expertly punctuated speech. Your work should include some really interesting vocabulary to interest the reader.


Here is a quick reminder of how speech could look.


Joan asked kindly, “Would you like a cake?”


”Would you like a cake?” Joan asked kindly.



LO - Can I write interesting sentences?

Please write sentences with each of your spelling words. They can be found below. If you normally do SNIP spellings your spelling list begins with the word ‘chef’. Everyone else, your list begins with ‘solve’.




LO - Can I use tenths correctly?


Today we will recap work on tenths. I have added a document below with the maths questions for today. Section two will require you to draw (and complete) neat number-lines. If you are finding it really difficult you can concentrate on the first two pages.


LO - Can I create an insect menu?


Jamie Oliver has decided to open an ‘insect’ restaurant in Stratford. He has asked you to design a 3-course menu that can be used on the opening night of his restaurant. You’ll need a starter, a main course and then a pudding. I’d love it if you could think of some really clever ideas for a restaurant name. Add the name as a comment in the blog. I’ll start... ToBEE Carvery.