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Thurs 7th



Today we are recapping and practising our range of maths topics, using our homework books.


Please complete Test 9 in Section 2.





In our Grammar today, Group 1(Red grammar books) are continuing with our work on pronouns and making sure that the verbs agree with them. This work is on Page 40 of your grammar book.




Group 2 (Green grammar books) are to complete Page 36, which nouns with the suffixes -er, -ness and -ment.



Today is the day for writing your diary entry. You should have planned who you are and what you were doing at the end of the war in Europe. I'm sure there will be a lot of excitement and joy, but perhaps some sadness about what has happened too.


I have attached an example of a diary entry for you to help you think about how it might look.


As you write I would like you to concentrate on the following things:

- Where can you use pronouns to avoid repeating names?

- Do you have the agreements between the pronouns and the verbs correct?

- Can you use a wide range of adjectives to describe the scenes?

- Can you share the feelings from your heart?

- Remember to write mainly in the first person (I/ we) and to use the past tense, until the end when you can talk about the future and what you will do next.


I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experiences as a solider on VE Day. Remember to share your work if you would like to!





Here is today's activity that I shared with you on the Class Meeting. It was great to see you all!