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Summer 1 week 3 wc 4.5.20

Welcome to Week 3! 


I hope you all had a good weekend and are keeping safe and well.  Thank you again for your messages and sharing your learning with me last week.  I look forward to seeing some more this week!  Remember, the activities set are there for you if you are able and have the time to do them but just do what you can, the amount that is right for you; it is ok if you don't manage to get it all done!  Family time and looking after yourselves are very important!  I've made a Free Time Folder on our main Yr4 Working From Home page - have a look at some of the activities children have been doing in their free time and feel free to send me pictures yourself to include in this (with your parents' permission, obviously!).


Friday is the bank holiday for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day so there will be no learning set for Friday.  Have a look at Mrs Hoskins' VE Day Challenge folder on the main Class Pages webpage.  There is a VE Day School Challenge on there to have a go at, as well as some other activities.  I've put our VE day "session" on Thursday but you are welcome to do it sooner and jiggle the foundation subject (the ones that aren't English or Maths) activities around as suits you!  


Have a good week

Miss Cottrell :-)



Mindfulness Activity


Have a go at this activity at least once this week.  It can be done inside or outside.  If you really enjoy it, you could do it every day.  The idea is to take a few minutes (5 minutes is fine) out from your day to help your body and mind feel calm and still.  This week's activity is called Colours of the Rainbow.  Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor (or you can sit on the floor if you find that more comfortable).  Have a look around you.  Can you notice something (or more than one item) for each colour of the rainbow - something red, something orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet (purple would do)?  You could say afterwards what you spotted but at the time, just notice them and then keep on looking quietly round.

Upbeat Music

I'm sure lots of you have been singing along to your favourite songs, making up dances (that uses rhythm!) and practising any musical instruments that you already learn so you've probably already been doing a fair amount of music.  If you'd like some more or something different, read on!  If we were in school, Year 4 would be having Upbeat Music sessions, led by Warwickshire County Music Service.  Instead, they have provided some videos for you to watch with a range of musical activities in them.  I think that the links have been sent out to parents but, in case you weren't aware of them, I have made a music sessions folder on our Year 4 Working From Home page for you to access them.  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  Some people have been finding the links from our class page don't work.  The links in the emails sent to your parents definitely do so please try to access the videos using those.  If you need the emails forwarding again, please let me know!