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Thursday 4th March 2021

World Book Day


What's happening today?


  • Before our meeting enjoy your reading book.
  • 9.20 - 9.40 Meet me online at 9.20 to find out about our whole school book - Hermelin, the detective mouse.
  • WORLD BOOK DAY ACTIVITIES - see below to choose your activities for today.
  • Guest Reader - Today Mrs Hoskins is going to read the story of Hermelin for you to enjoy!
  • Assembly 11.00 to share in our whole school assembly. Today you will find out who are the  potato or stone character competition winners.
  • 2.00 - 2.15 Meet me online this afternoon to play book character bingo!   Bring your stone character with you!  Can you remember some of the characters we have met this year in the books we have studied?



Please send me any of you your work today and lots of photographs as Miss Wilding would like to make a whole school display of worked linked today's book - Hermelin.

World Book Day - I Spy


Look carefully at the photograph of the first page of our whole school book  - Hermelin.  What can you see?  Look closely at the windows, outside the houses and all of the different characters. 


Using some adjectives (remember these are describing words), can you write some 'I Spy' sentences?



I spy a lovely, green lettuce.


You might want to add some extra detail to extend your sentences.




I spy a lady in a bubbly bathtub reading an interesting book.

Look carefully at this notice board

What do you notice about all of the signs?  They are all about things that have been lost.  Did you see these things in the picture of the houses above?  Will Hermelin be able to find them?


Guest Reader - Mrs Hoskins

Mrs Hoskins has videoed herself reading today's story.  The video is too large to be posted on the class pages but you will find the video in our Year 2 files on Teams. It is in the same place that the art drawing video was for Art Day. 






Can you be a detective like Hermelin?


We know that Hermelin is a detective. He is very good at looking for items that have been lost or following clues to find objects. 


Today, why don't you be a detective too and take part in some of these scavenger hunts around your home and garden.  Will you be a great detective like Hermelin?


There is an indoor and an outdoor scavenger hunt to choose from or you can complete both!



Party Food

Get Baking some yummy food for Hermelin's party!

In this picture we see that Hermlin had been invited to a special party to thank him for finding everyone's missing objects.



What party food could you make?


It might be:

some biscuits or cakes

some sandwiches 

a large cake 

a pizza 

fruit kebabs or a fruit salad


Maybe you could make a thank card or write Hermelin a thank you letter to go with your party food!

Make a thank you card!


The people of Offley Street have lots to thank Hermelin for. Make him a thank you card and thank him for finding all of the different items. You can see the things he found and where he found them below!



Make a mouse like Hermelin


How to make a Paper Mouse Finger Puppet - Paper Mice Crafts

Learn how to make a paper mouse finger puppet. These paper mice puppets are super easy and fun to make. One piece of paper is enough for 4 Mice.


Below are some ideas for tomorrow. I have put them on today's page because tomorrow you are screen free!  Remember there are no class Teams meetings tomorrow either. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing you all in person on Monday. HOORAY!