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Tuesday 9th June 2020



Did you mange to find the vertical line of symmetry in the logos yesterday?  Symmetry is everywhere around us!  Look at slides below.

Have a look at the powerpoint below because today you will be finding the line of symmetry in shapes. Open up the activity sheet and complete. If you can not print, open up the sheet and discuss your answers.


We had some great work last week! Watch the moving slides below to view some amazing, story maps and thought bubbles.

This week we are going to describe part of the setting of 'The Tiger Child'. We are going to look at the jungle where Tiger Cub and Uncle Tiger live.  When you describe a setting well you should use all your senses to describe.  First we need to think about what we would expect to see, hear, smell and feel in a jungle. 

Today I would like you to create some descriptive sentences around the jungle picture below. Remember to try and use interesting adjectives, use your senses to describe and use the work mat above to help you.


Running water splashing against moss covered rocks.

Scuttling and shuffling amongst the crunchy jungle leaves.

Green trees as tall as skyscrapers reaching high.

Topic/Theme - Religious Education - R.E

This week the children in school are having a special assembly all about the Trinity. Year 3 have been learning about this at home and wanted to tell the rest of the school all about it.

Last Sunday (7th June) it was Trinity Sunday.  Find out more from Year 3's powerpoint below. There are also two short videos from Orla and Evelyn who have found objects that could help you to understand the Trinity.


Can you design your own image/symbol for the 3 aspects of God?

O Trinity.mp4

Still image for this video

Evelyn Trinity.MOV

Still image for this video