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Tuesday 19th May


Look at the position of creatures below. The blue arrow shows their straight line movement.

Take a look at the completed task below. Is the blue line or the black line correct for the turtle?  Remember you have to think about the way an object is facing to find the correct answer.


The blue arrow is correct because the turtle has moved 1 square to its right.  


Complete today's activity sheet below.

If you can not print, draw a grid like the one above but 6X6. Draw some animals in different positions and move them in a straight line direction. Record how you have moved your animals.


Today I'd like you to read this poem called 'In Woods Dark and Deep' by Brenda Williams




Today I would like you to read and enjoy the poem, try and learn some of the verses off by heart, you might find that you will remember the poem easily if you add some actions to each of the verses. Can you find a pair of rhyming words in each verse? What do you notice about the position of these words. Are they are the beginning, middle or end of the line?


Then I would like you split your page into 5 or draw 5 boxes and illustrate each of the verses. One box for each verse!


I hope you enjoy reading and learning this poem. 




In Woods Dark and Deep By Brenda Williams

Topic/Theme - Art and Maths! smiley

Today we are going to go back to our artist Andy Goldsworthy and think about the maths we are learning this week. 

I would like you to go and choose an natural object (a leaf works really well) and draw around it onto card if you have any or paper will be fine. Then carefully cut it out.  You have now created a stencil that you are going to draw around in this session.

You might have an outline like this.

Draw around your stencil, then rotate your stencil a quarter turn clockwise 

and then draw around your stencil again.  For my leaf it would look like this.

Then repeat it two more times. My example would then look like this!

Then choose a different leaf or object and create another pattern underneath repeating the steps above. My example now looks like this;

You can repeat with a different leaf or object as many times as you like. Today you have created a piece of art using nature and maths! Andy Goldsworthy creates patterns in his art too!

You can decide how to colour your art work, you might colour every other leaf, you might show colours getting darker or lighter, it's up to you. Have Fun!