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Autumn term

Our theme for the Autumn Term is:

'Trusty Traders and Rogue Raiders'

This term's learning will be based around the Saxon and Vikings!  The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were previously taught separately at Tanworth but they will now be combined. As the history of the Anglo-Saxons was so intertwined with the Vikings for centuries, I think there is a good case to be made for creating a combined unit, hence the reason for placing the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings together in this category.

Click on the link below to find more historical fiction related to the Anglo Saxons:


Click on the link below to find more historical fiction related to the Vikings:


Some of the books listed on the website above are in school and can be borrowed as part of the children's reading.  I also have some of these books in my personal collection in the classroom that the children will be able to borrow whilst in class.