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Tuesday 31.03.20


Today we are going to continue our learning in the area of time. Yesterday we recapped our knowledge that we would have covered as part of the year 1 curriculum. Today we are going to look at the times of quarter past and quarter to, a year 2 objective.

Look at the powerpoint below and complete the activity sheet. 


This sheet is in your paper pack that you brought home if you want to use that copy. Or you can reprint it using the link below. If you don't have a printer or the paper paper you can just record your answers in your book.   Good Luck today!



Take a look at Freya's amazing clock that she made yesterday! What time is showing on Freya's clock?


Today we are going to do some spelling and phonic work. Yesterday you used your inference reading skills and today you are going to use your phonics to help with your reading. Play the pirate game below and make list of the the real and nonsense (made up) words in your book. When you play the game choose from the phase 5 sounds, you are asked to choose 2 to play the game with. When you have played with 2 sounds go back and choose a further 2 different sounds. You can repeat this as many times as you like!


When you have finished, create your own sentences using the real words you have found.  

Theme/Topic - Science

How can we tell the difference between things that are alive, were once alive and things that have never been alive?


I know that I am alive and you are alive but is a tree alive? Why?  What about a rotten leaf on the ground?  It is dead now but it was once alive on a tree.  A plastic bag, was that ever alive or has it never been alive?  Watch the video and read the powerpoint below.


Take a look at this powerpoint for some more information.

After the video, make a table in your book with three columns one for 



Once alive/Dead

Never been alive


Take a look around your house and your garden to find objects to record in your table. Can you find 7 items for each column?

Which was the trickiest column to complete? Where you able to find 7 items for each column?