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Reception Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


All children from birth to 5 years old follow the EYFS Curriculum. Children’s development is tracked against ‘age (month) bands’ in 7 areas of learning and development. These are:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
  • Communication and Language 
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Understanding the World 


In Reception class we use the month bands to support our teaching and learning.


In the Autumn term we focus on both the 30-50 and 40-60 month bands.

In the Spring term we aim to focus within 40-60 months for most children.

In the Summer term we are working with the Early Learning Goals.

Parents Planning

In September we will post a weekly page here that will tell you what your child is learning in class, dates for your diary and any other weekly notices.