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Mon 11th

Mental Health Task

To start our Mental Health Week, I'd like you to explore what mental health is and what it means. As you work through the slides, you will be thinking about yourself and other people in your family. 


I would like you to focus on what makes the people you live with special and to make sure you let them know too!



In our maths we are continuing with measurement but moving to the measurement of time.

Have a think about the ways in which we measure time. See if you can write them down and perhaps you could put them from smallest to largest. Look at the picture below and see if you got each of these.



Today we are going to be focusing on months of the year. You should know the months of the year and the order they go in, but we are going to be thinking about the number of days in each month. 


Have you ever noticed that the months have different number of days in them? The longest months have 31 days and the shortest month has only 28 (but 29 in a leap year).


It can be difficult to remember which month has which number of days, so here are some ways to help us:

30 days has September.....Days of the month rhyme

We can also use our knuckles to help us remember. First of all, we put the fists out in front of us and notice how the knuckles are raised and there are dips in between them.
A knuckle is "31 days", and in between each knuckle it isn't.
And where you hands meet, the two knuckles are "July, August", which both have 31 days.
(the last knuckle isn't used)

Now see if you can work out the answers to these questions:



In Spellings this week, Group 1 are looking at 'Statutory Spellings from Year 3/4', Group 2 are looking at 'Common Exception Words' and Group 3 are looking at words with the sounds 'oo/yoo/ with 'ue' and 'ew'.


Today's task is handwriting of the words for your group. You can either write out in your books, or print out onto the handwriting sheet if you are able.



After our work on VE Day last week, we are going back to our English work on The Scarab's Secret. This week you will be working towards writing your own short story featuring Khepri,


Remind yourself of the story first:

Today we are going to be thinking about the stages of The Scarab's Secret. Can you split the story down into some key sections?


Think about the parts which are important and you couldn't retell the story without using


Either write down each step in your book or use one of the templates below to help you. There are 3 different sizes in the document.