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English: Today you are going to write your introductory paragraph for our newspaper report!


First watch the video I have made where I explain all about the 5 W's, the who, what, where, when and why of the report.  The 5 W's make up the basis of the introductory paragraph of most newspaper reports. I have gone through and explained each element in relation to our topic and recorded some notes to help you.  I have also written a WAGOLL, just like I would in class so you can see what I'd like you to aim for.

I have attached a 5 W's prompt sheet to help support your writing.


Remember, you just need to write a paragraph, but it needs to be a really good paragraph!


Brain Break


History: Meet me at 10 o'clock for our History lesson.  We will be looking at the River Nile again and still thinking about it's importance to daily life in Ancient Egypt.  Did you know it was so important, that the Ancient Egyptians even considered it to be a god?  We are going to consider the statement: 'Without the Nile there would be no civilisation.'  By the end of the lesson I'd like you to be able to tell me if this is true or false!  We'll also be thinking about the tools farmers used to help them grow their crops and you will have a go at making your own shaduf!


There are two ways you could make it:

  1. Using lego (yes that's right, I want you to play with lego!!)
  2. Using straws/dowelling (if you have it!)

I have uploaded instructions for both versions, as well as a video.  Please don't worry if you have neither of these resources at home, you could draw a picture and label a shaduf explaining why it was such an important tool for Ancient Egyptian farmers.


The following links will either help give you ideas about how to build a shaduf or give you some information about a farmer's life in Ancient Egypt.


Brain Break



Watch the video linked and work alongside the video answering the questions in your book.


Then choose you chilli challenge, today you will be thinking about missing numbers when mutliplying.  

Chilli 1: 2 digit by 1 digit missing number calculations

Chilli 2: 2 digit and some 3 digit by 1 digit missing number calculations

Chilli 3: 3 digit by 1 digit missing number calculations


If you are feeling confident by the time you have done 10 questions, get an adult to check your work (I have uploaded the answers for you, Chilli 2 answers are a combination of chilli 1 and chilli 3, you will need to look at both answer sheets) and possibly move onto the next chilli just like you would in class.  The whole sheet does not need to be completed if you feel like you've got it then move onto the next chilli or challenge.  But if there are lots of mistakes and I feel like the work has been rushed just so you can say you have finished, then I will reassign this work to you!


Challenge: Workout the word problem!