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Wonderful Work!

Exciting English!

The children have used last week's theme learning about the layers of the rainforest to help them write an information text.  Here are some examples from Oliver, Nicholas and Luke.  Can you spot...... interesting sentence starters?  Facts about both plants and animals? Information grouped into paragraphs? Exciting language to engage the reader?

Positive PSHE!

We explored turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  Here are Maisie and Bella's ideas.  Bella also helped her younger sister to think about this!

Great Grammar!

We learned to identify determiners this week.  We use these all the time in our writing but it is important to recognise and know how to use them correctly, eg. do you know when to use "a" and when to use "an"?  Here is some of Maisie's work.



Magnificent Maths!

This week's Maths explored symmetry, coordinates and translating shapes.  Here is some of Oliver, Albert, Bella and Isaac's learning:

Super Spelling!

This week's patterns involved the suffix -ous and words ending in -sure. Here are some examples from Albert and Oliver - the pictures help explain the word meanings:

Smashing Spanish!

This week's Spanish involved farm animals.  The children learnt the vocabulary for different farm animals then joined in with a song about it, before completing the activities.  Here is an example from Oliver: