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Tues 24th

Good morning Year 3.


Welcome to Tuesday's learning. It was a beautiful day yesterday and looks like it will be the same today, so remember that each task should only take about 25-30 minutes and if you can, go into the garden to get some fresh air too!




If you want to check your work from yesterday, I've put the answers below. If your answer doesn't match, see if you can work out why!


We are carrying on from yesterday, by looking at making the whole. Remember a whole is the whole of something. It could be the whole of a shape or a group of items. We get a whole when the numerator (the number on top of a fraction) is the same as the denominator (the number on the bottom of the fraction). 


The denominator tells us how many equal parts the whole is split up into and the numerator tells us how many parts we have. So, for example, if you have a pizza and cut it into 4 equal parts then eat all 4 of them, you will have eaten the whole pizza! 


Hmm. I'm getting hungry now, so I'll put the links and work below!


We are looking at Word Families in GPS this week. Do you remember what a root word is?


A root word is a basic word with no prefix or suffix added to it. E.g. friend is a root word, but other words that are in the family could be friendly, unfriendly, friendship etc.


Your task is to see if you can find words to add to the family trees for some root words.



I hope you enjoyed writing instructions for your game yesterday. It is a good time to play games with family (when they are available). I wonder what games you are playing?


Anyway, today's task is below. Enjoy!


I hope you learnt some interesting things about Gladiators yesterday?


Today I would like you to create a poster about Gladiators which has pictures and information. Perhaps you could upload a picture of it onto today's blog so we can see what everyone has created.


It doesn't have to be every fact you found out. You may choose to focus on just one type of gladiator or about their training for example.